Voters without Borders: an initiative to make Europeans vote

10 septembre 2020 Society

7 min

In this interview, Eyes on Europe met with members of Voters without Borders to discuss their bid in passing their citizen’s initiative and the behind the scene of making it possible.

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Covid-19: Sweden’s “self-responsible” response

Covid-19: Sweden’s “self-responsible” response 

29 avril 2020 COVID-19

6 min

Reading time: 4 min. While citizens from all European countries are learning to live under lockdown, Sweden’s softer approach to the pandemic has been raising eyebrows across the continent.  Scrolling […]

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European worker

Social dumping. An issue dividing the East from the West

27 décembre 2019 Society

4 min

This article was first published in the n°31 print magazine of Eyes on Europe. Fifteen years after the “Big Bang” enlargement, social dumping remains one of the most contentious issues […]

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