The Brussels-Madrid-Rabat triangle: Spain’s role in EU-Morocco relations

21 June 2023 International

9 min

In Spanish diplomacy, there is an unspoken rule which sets Morocco as the first country to be visited by the newly appointed Prime Minister of Spain, a tradition that Pedro Sánchez broke in 2018. Diplomatic relations between the two neighbours have gone through one of their worst crises, although since the beginning of February 2023, it seems their diplomatic relations are partially back on track, after important concessions were made on both sides.

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International Workers’ Day: How about less work?

9 May 2023 International Society

9 min

The origin of the International worker’s day dates back to 1886 in the USA : thousands of workers protested across the country demanding better working conditions. The protests lasted a few days and led to the deaths of several workers and the explosion of a bomb. This so-called “Haymarket Affair” became the international symbol for the workers’ struggles, with the 1st of May being chosen as the International Workers’ Day.

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Georgia’s European Dream: Progress, Challenges, and the Road Ahead

24 April 2023 International Politique

5 min

Georgia has always had a European orientation. Following its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, the country has made significant progress in its pursuit of closer ties with Europe, embarked on a path of democratic reforms and Euro-Atlantic integration. However, it has also faced numerous challenges along the way, caught between the pro-European sentiment of its citizens and the geopolitical goals of Russia.

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The American alternative: lobbying in a billion-worth market

9 March 2023 Energy Security International

8 min

The war in Ukraine has jeopardised and reshaped the European energy sector, of which almost half is dependent on Russian gas imports. In this regard, it is of  vital relevance to highlight the fact that fourteen Member States rely on Russia for more than 50% on its gas imports, which entails a high percentage of financing for Putin’s war within the neighbouring country. In this sense, the dilemma on this  political agenda is evident considering that Russia is the largest gas exporter in the world. In the heat of the events in Ukraine, Europe questioned whether it should continue buying Russian gas to guarantee consumption or block its arrival, putting the energy security of the twenty-seven at risk.

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