European Union

While the EU might have a strong normative commitment to net-zero emissions by 2050, the compatibility of such plans with the social dimension of the climate transition remains largely marginal.

Aborting in Europe: a threatened right? State of play in four European countries

16 March 2023 Gender/equality

6 min

Abortion is a human right allowing women to interrupt any unwanted pregnancy. Over time, several women fought to acquire this right, and many are still fighting today. In Europe, while many countries did legalise it, many obstacles remain on the women’s path, some backlashes have been witnessed in the last decades. This article  will review the current situation in Poland, Hungary, Italy, and Germany.

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Green or pink? Another missed opportunity to strengthen the role of women in climate action

12 January 2023 Environment Gender/equality

7 min

When dealing with the COP27, the word “green” is often mentioned: green policies, greenwashing, European Green Deal, the Green Zone… One colour that seems to be missing, however, is pink. In a somewhat consciously stereotypical way, we are talking about gender representation. It is necessary to understand how effectively gendered policies designed to fight climate change have been implemented.

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