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Sustainable economic growth in EU external action: the EU – New Zealand Trade Agreement

3 July 2023 Environment

5 min

Despite their geographical distance the EU and New Zealand have a very close relationship, coupled with shared values and interests. They share a deep commitment to democracy, rule of law, respect for human rights and sustainable development. In fact, the EU has three main objectives to pursue in the Pacific region, which align with New Zealand’s own development work in the region, namely: support climate action, promote sustainable economic development and encourage fundamental values and good governance.

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The Belgrade-Pristina-Dialogue – Will the EU let them join the club?

30 June 2023 European Politics

7 min

Undermining Kosovo’s state-building efforts and ambitions for greater global recognition is just one of many reasons why China and Russia get to secure the best venues for their billboards in the capital. Yet,  while both countries continue to stir the conflict and veto Kosovo independence in the UN Security Council, the EU is mediating talks for a normalisation of the relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

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