The American alternative: lobbying in a billion-worth market

9 March 2023 Energy Security International

8 min

The war in Ukraine has jeopardised and reshaped the European energy sector, of which almost half is dependent on Russian gas imports. In this regard, it is of  vital relevance to highlight the fact that fourteen Member States rely on Russia for more than 50% on its gas imports, which entails a high percentage of financing for Putin’s war within the neighbouring country. In this sense, the dilemma on this  political agenda is evident considering that Russia is the largest gas exporter in the world. In the heat of the events in Ukraine, Europe questioned whether it should continue buying Russian gas to guarantee consumption or block its arrival, putting the energy security of the twenty-seven at risk.

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Can Nuclear Energy be considered green?

6 March 2023 Environment European Politics

10 min

The debate whether  nuclear energy can be considered a green energy has been ongoing for decades, and both sides – those who agree and those that don’t – seem to be entrenched in their positions. However, the topic of nuclear energy has re-surged once again. The reason for this is the current energy crisis taking place in the EU and the urgent need to find alternative energy sources and lower the European energy market’s dependency on Russian supplies.

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The future of Euro-African relationships between the Post-Cotonou agreement and the energy crisis

27 February 2023 European Politics

9 min

A new strategic partnership between the European Union and the African Union is set to be ratified, yet  European and African relationships still continue to be affected by economic and political whirlwinds at the international level. This underlines both a lack of deep commitment and a strategic short-sightedness from the European Union, paving the way for Chinese presence in Africa and hindering the stance of the EU in the world.

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Putin’s War or Russia’s War?

24 February 2023 Russian Invasion of Ukraine Security

6 min

[OPINION] It has been  a year since the full-scale Russian invasion in Ukraine trembled the whole world. After its beginning, in Europe, it is highly debated that the Russo-Ukrainian War is not supposed to be treated as a war of Russia against Ukraine, but rather as a Kremlin’s or Putin’s war against Ukraine. It is done in order to deviate the responsibility of the Russian people in a genocidal war that started not in 2022, but in 2014. Nonetheless it is evident that the responsibility for this war directly lies on the shoulders of ordinary Russians. 

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