What if we could use CO2 as a resource?

23 March 2023 Environment

3 min

[SPONSORED CONTENT] In Jülich, Germany, Synhelion has successfully used solar heat to convert CO2 and water to synthetic fuels. The Canadian company Carbon Cure has developed a technology to inject carbon dioxide into cement. When the carbon dioxide reacts with the cement, it is permanently stored in the concrete. In the western Netherlands, around 600 greenhouses use the carbon dioxide from industrial plants to enhance their yields, saving 250 kilotons of CO2 emissions from natural gas annually. These are just a few examples of existing projects or proposals in which carbon dioxide is used as a resource to aid the climate transition.

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Germany’s Role on the current energy crisis: facing challenges under the framework of cooperation with the EU Member-States

20 March 2023 Energy Security European Politics

5 min

As Germany detains a large portion of the European total natural gas, both nominal and percentage wise, coupled with its great storage capacity, it is consequently no secret that part of the response of the European Union to the emergent energetic crisis comes precisely from this country. It is, however, curious to note that the very same nation that has the biggest responsiveness capacity to the growing crisis is at the same time one of the countries that has contributed the most to the current energy dependency crisis. This article will reflect on the German decisions and how they affected- and continue to affect- the current situation in light of the present situation characterised by a lack of negotiation consensus among the European Union Member States.

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Aborting in Europe: a threatened right? State of play in four European countries

16 March 2023 Gender/equality

6 min

Abortion is a human right allowing women to interrupt any unwanted pregnancy. Over time, several women fought to acquire this right, and many are still fighting today. In Europe, while many countries did legalise it, many obstacles remain on the women’s path, some backlashes have been witnessed in the last decades. This article  will review the current situation in Poland, Hungary, Italy, and Germany.

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EU policy in the global race for critical raw materials

13 March 2023 Energy Security European Politics

5 min

Currently, the necessity  and commitment to switch to greener forms of energy production has never been more compelling. To that effect, the demand for the materials to build new products and systems that function on, or produce greener energy have substantially increased. As a consequence, these raw materials have now become as valuable and coveted as coal and iron deposits at the start of the Industrial Revolution. This article will attempt to cast some light on the EU position in this changing global market and the plans devised by the European Commission on this  matter.

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