Voters without Borders: an initiative to make Europeans vote

10 septembre 2020 Society

7 min

In this interview, Eyes on Europe met with members of Voters without Borders to discuss their bid in passing their citizen’s initiative and the behind the scene of making it possible.

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Civil protests in the new decade: what lessons to draw from the Italian “Sardines”

26 août 2020 Society

7 min

The last decade ended in protests. Asia, Europe, America: 2019 was the year when the civil society from all over the globe gathered against inequalities, corruption and bad governance. Some cases are more emblematic than others, like Hong Kong’s protesters. In the European panorama, the movement of the Italian Sardines has become a model of popular mobilisation. Why? Through a reflection on the peculiarities of the Italian case, this article proposes to depict possible similar scenarios in the coming years.

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Pologne: Récupération politique de la crise pour criminaliser l’avortement

10 août 2020 Society

3 min

La loi anti-avortement en Pologne est déjà une des plus restrictives d’Europe. En effet, l’avortement n’est légal que dans 3 cas : s’il y a malformation grave du fœtus, en […]

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Could the “Corona Crisis” be a chance for a better future?

5 août 2020 COVID-19 Society

6 min

YES! WHAT BETTER CHANCE TO REBUILD A MORE SUSTAINABLE WORLD COULD THERE BE? For those who believe that the Corona Crisis is a revenge of God or Mother Earth it […]

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Nobody lives here! Rural depopulation in the EU and citizen engagement in “emptied Spain”

27 juillet 2020 Society

Reading time: 3 min. Depopulation is the new normal in rural regions all across Europe. The quality of life that a village offers does not seem to outweigh structural problems […]

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