Eu climate law

Does the European climate law sign the starting point of a battle for carbon neutrality?

6 mars 2020 Environment

4 min

The European Green Deal and its first shortcomings have already been largely covered by Eyes on Europe editors. One of my previous articles mentioned the need to keep a close […]

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Le Green Deal pour l’Europe affecte-t-il la lune de miel entre l’UE et le Mercosur ?

7 février 2020 Environment

12 min

Mercredi 5 février 2020, le Parlement de Wallonie a adopté à l’unanimité, une motion s’opposant au projet d’accord commercial entre l’Union européenne et les pays du Mercosur (Argentine, Brésil, Paraguay […]

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European Green Deal

What to expect from the European Green Deal?

24 janvier 2020 Environment

6 min

Ursula Von der Leyen, as new President of the European Commission (EC) in the Berlaymont since December 1st, recently presented her “European Green Deal”. It is a strategic plan to […]

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Can the EU lead the way in the fight against climate change?

3 décembre 2019 Environment

7 min

The vast majority of actively publishing climate scientists agree that climate change is real and its effects are undeniable, no matter what some politicians say. In order to limit the […]

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Can we preserve the earth and capitalism

Can we preserve the earth AND capitalism?

16 octobre 2019 Environment

8 min

“Economic growth” is one of the most touted objectives of governments and companies around the world and seems to be a prerequisite of capitalism. Yet, we know that resources on […]

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