From Brussels to Warsaw: is Donald Tusk launching his presidential campaign?

5 janvier 2018 Society

Donald Tusk’s mandate as the President of the European Council will end in November 2019 whereas the Polish presidential election will take place in 2020. Recently, political events in Poland […]

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A New Turn for Austria after the Elections?

28 novembre 2017 Society

Legislative elections were held in Austria on the 15th October, 2017. The results confirmed what seems to be a current trend in the European Union: the rise of populism, as […]

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La nouvelle loi électorale en Italie : une coalition anti-M5S ?

12 novembre 2017 Society

Après Mattarellum, Porcellum, l’Italicum difficilement fait adopter par Matteo Renzi, le Premier Ministre italien, le Parlement vient de voter une nouvelle loi électorale : Rosatellum. Après trois vote de confiance, […]

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