No-deal Brexit: is the EU prepared well enough?

17 septembre 2019 European institutions

6 min

“The [Brexit] Withdrawal Agreement is dead”, announced the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, while pledging for an exit of the EU on October 31st, deal or no deal. Even after […]

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“Game of Thrones” in Brussels: who will be the next Commission President?

11 juin 2019 European institutions

The 2019 EU elections came and left a dynamic fragmented political environment behind it. Traditional parties in the European Parliament (EP) have lost many seats, while both Eurosceptics and pro-EU […]

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EU Elections 2019 – the regional agenda of the EU Political Groups

26 mai 2019 European institutions

The European elections in May will be a key moment for Europe this year, and for the next decade. Let us analyse the pan-European political agenda of six important European […]

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A new DG for the European Commission? Meet DG Defence

15 février 2019 European institutions

After the Brexit referendum, European solidarity experienced a new boost, especially in the field of Defence. In order to increase its security role, the European Commission would like to create […]

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Europe de la défense, dix ans après la crise

27 janvier 2019 European institutions

Compte tenu de l’instabilité géopolitique au niveau mondial, la question d’une défense commune connait un regain d’intérêt en Europe. Dix années après la crise financière, analyse de l’Europe de la […]

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