Defending ‘European Identity’? The Dubious Struggle of Génération identitaire

20 mars 2018 Society

While far right political parties usually emphasise the promotion of one specific country’s national identity, Génération Identitaire stands out in the protection of European values. This far-right youth wing political […]

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Outsourcing, Out of Mind: the Failure of EU Migration Policies?

5 janvier 2018 European institutions

Recent reports exposed to the world the disastrous situation in Libya, where people flying poverty and insecurity are facing even worst living conditions, instead of finding comfort and hope. The […]

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A New Turn for Austria after the Elections?

28 novembre 2017 Society

Legislative elections were held in Austria on the 15th October, 2017. The results confirmed what seems to be a current trend in the European Union: the rise of populism, as […]

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Between Solidarity and Discrimination: the EU Immigration Policy in the Visegrad Group

1 août 2017 Other articles

Seen as a challenge across the international community, the flow of refugees has a greater echo in the minds of Europeans in the perspective of protecting the values the Union […]

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