Memorandum of Understanding

When migrants do not arrive in Europe: The Memorandum of Understanding

19 mars 2020 Partners/external Society

20 min

This article is a contribution from our partner EU-Logos. On February the 2nd  2020, the harshly criticized agreement between Italy and Libya about the control and the fight against illegal immigration, […]

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Outsourcing, Out of Mind: the Failure of EU Migration Policies?

5 janvier 2018 European institutions

Recent reports exposed to the world the disastrous situation in Libya, where people flying poverty and insecurity are facing even worst living conditions, instead of finding comfort and hope. The […]

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Is Europe responsible for the refugee crisis?

22 mars 2017 Other articles

The European Union is facing an unprecedented refugee crisis. Only in 2015, 168 000 irregular migrants reached its shore, and over 1 million are still on their way. Beyond all […]

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The asylum and migration ‘crisis’ in perspective

17 mars 2017 Other articles

On the 10th of February 2017, the Odysseus Network held its annual conference on asylum and migration law and policy. While the event is aimed at fostering discussion among experts […]

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