Pologne: Récupération politique de la crise pour criminaliser l’avortement

10 août 2020 Society

3 min

La loi anti-avortement en Pologne est déjà une des plus restrictives d’Europe. En effet, l’avortement n’est légal que dans 3 cas : s’il y a malformation grave du fœtus, en […]

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Digit@l Friends – Poland’s First Youth Culture Centre

14 décembre 2018 Partners/external Society

This interview has originally been published by Euro Babble and is made by Dominik Kirchdorfer. Digit@l Friends is the first youth café in the Warsaw landscape. They call it a cafe, and others call it […]

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From Brussels to Warsaw: is Donald Tusk launching his presidential campaign?

5 janvier 2018 Society

Donald Tusk’s mandate as the President of the European Council will end in November 2019 whereas the Polish presidential election will take place in 2020. Recently, political events in Poland […]

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Air poll-EU-tion: we are what we breathe

28 novembre 2017 European institutions

Can you imagine living in a city where the simple fact of being there would mean smoking 4000 cigarettes yearly? Actually, maybe you do live in this city without even […]

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Poland and the EU: a time of continuous confrontation?

23 septembre 2017 Other articles

Poland is once again at the heart of a disagreement with the European Union, not long after the controversy over the judicial reforms and still being in conflict regarding the […]

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