Greens in Europe : An impressive gain in popularity

1 avril 2020 Environment Interviews

8 min

The Green parties have impressed the political scene during the 2019 European elections with their rather important results. Year after year, the Green movement is winning over many European citizens. […]

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gender equality

What Europe is there without women?

4 février 2020 Gender/equality Society

5 min

This article was first published in the n°31 print magazine of Eyes on Europe.   Despite the increasing number of female MEPs in the 2019 European elections, decision-making in the European Union […]

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The New Federalist : All I want for 2019 is more (M)EU(s)!

10 janvier 2019 European institutions Partners/external

This article was originally published by our partners at The New Federalist and is written by Francesca Risso.Most of the kids growing up in the international environment have heard about MUNs, or Model […]

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