gender equality

What Europe is there without women?

4 février 2020 Gender/equality Society

5 min

This article was first published in the n°31 print magazine of Eyes on Europe.   Despite the increasing number of female MEPs in the 2019 European elections, decision-making in the European Union […]

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Sports: time to let women in the spotlight

22 septembre 2017 Gender/equality

Last summer when you turned on the radio, you could hear at least every hour the very recognisable official song of the UEFA Euro 2016 “This one’s for you”. Pubs […]

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Le huit mars, toutes en grève ! [CaféBabel]

18 avril 2017 Other articles

Soixante ans après la signature du Traité de Rome, l’égalité salariale hommes – femmes n’est toujours pas acquise. Et si on profitait de la Journée Internationale des Femmes, le 8 […]

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