The new agreement on the rule of law conditionality: a possible solution?

13 novembre 2020 European Politics

6 min

After years of institutional debate on how to combat rule of law backsliding within the European Union, the European Parliament has reached an agreement with the Council linking EU funds to rule of law compliance. This means that the European Union will stop funding those national governments that threaten the rule of law, with the aim to get them to respect fundamental values listed in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union. This may not put an end to the problem the EU is currently facing vis-à-vis Hungary and Poland, but it represents a step torwards triggering further initiatives and maybe future reforms to the Treaties’ acquis.

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EPPO: new stillborn tool of the European Union?

16 juillet 2020 European institutions

Reading time: 3 min The Rule of Law (RoL), one of the European core values, has gotten much attention in the past. The European Parliament and the European Commission have […]

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Catalonia: the right to self-determination and the rule of law

11 novembre 2017 Other articles

Catalonia has become a gunpowder and seems to be exploding, as after the first of October 2017, the situation between the central state and the autonomous government has been glowing […]

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