US-Iranian tensions as a challenge for the EU’s geopolitical role

7 septembre 2020 International

8 min

The killing of the Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani by a United States (US) air strike on 3rd January 2020 marked a new peak in tensions between the US and Iran. Even though the strike constitutes basically an act of war, the European Union’s (EU) reaction was, to put it politely, mild. However, for Europe, essential interests in the region are at stake.

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Europe's Syrian quagmire

5 février 2018 Society

Just as the Levantine country suffers its second invasion by Turkey in a year and a half, Europe stands idly by, watching the Syrian civil war escalate. The European Union […]

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The EU in Egypt: supporting a dictatorship or ensuring stability?

24 mars 2017 Other articles

The European Union had a longstanding and well-functioning relationship with Egypt’s Mubarak army regime, in power for twenty years before being deposed in 2011. The EU supported the government-controlled capitalist […]

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