Civil protests in the new decade: what lessons to draw from the Italian “Sardines”

26 août 2020 Society

7 min

The last decade ended in protests. Asia, Europe, America: 2019 was the year when the civil society from all over the globe gathered against inequalities, corruption and bad governance. Some cases are more emblematic than others, like Hong Kong’s protesters. In the European panorama, the movement of the Italian Sardines has become a model of popular mobilisation. Why? Through a reflection on the peculiarities of the Italian case, this article proposes to depict possible similar scenarios in the coming years.

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Memorandum of Understanding

When migrants do not arrive in Europe: The Memorandum of Understanding

19 mars 2020 Partners/external Society

20 min

This article is a contribution from our partner EU-Logos. On February the 2nd  2020, the harshly criticized agreement between Italy and Libya about the control and the fight against illegal immigration, […]

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Causes to the rise of populism in Italy

15 avril 2019 Society

This artice is a contribution from our partners at EU-Logos Athena. Following the general elections of March 2018, for the first time ever one of the founding members of the European […]

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Matteo Salvini: The making of a modern despot?

3 mars 2019 Society

The wind of discontent that has been blowing from the United States since the election of Donald Trump has hit Europe, and Italy is no exception. Salvini is now holding […]

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