Live Session with Elmar Brok

Live Session with Elmar Brok 3 avril, 2019

When? April 9, 2019, 6pm

Where? On our Facebook page

Who? Elmar Brok!

European elections will take place in less than two months and you never had the chance to talk to a Member of the European Parliament (MEP)? Then you can change this now! In the half-an-hour live session organised by Eyes on Europe and Y Vote you will have the chance to discuss with the Elmar Brok (EPP), Member of the European Parliament since 1980!

The session will be moderated by Niklas Franke, Eyes on Europe’s editor in chief. The session will be streamed live, so you just need to open our Facebook page and comment on the section below if you have any question! Please leave some comments with your questions in beforehand so we can prepare the beginning of the discussion!

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You need more information about the upcoming European elections? http://www.europarl.europa.eu/at-your-service/en/be-heard/elections

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