NOVEMBER / AZOVMOVIE 24 octobre, 2016

Monday – 21 November 2016 –  18:30 – 21:00 • Université Libre de Bruxelles ( SOLBOSCH Campus) – Room H1302  • Bruxelles


ThinkYoung, together with Advocate-Europe, Eyes on Europe and Institut d’Etudes Européennes ULB, invite you to the screening of “AZOV”, a special documentary on the Ukrainian conflict.
THE DOCUMENTARY tells of the story of Anton, a Ukrainian 22 year-old young man, who enlists as a volunteer in the AZOV Battalion when his country faces war in the Donbass region. After being seriously wounded in the front line, Anton will return home, trying to adjust to civilian life again.


THE PROJECT “Maidan, The Aftermath”, launched by #ThinkYoung, aims at showcasing all the perspectives of young Ukranians on their country in the aftermath of the Maidan protests, as well as making the European population aware of the situation within Ukraine. The project was awarded in 2015 by Advocate-Europe.


THE SCREENING will be followed by a debate lead by experts on the field. The audience will have the chance to intervene in the debate and share their opinion on the issue. A drink with some refreshments will be provided at the end of the event.


Trailer available here.

Facebook event here.


The event is FREE, but REGISTRATION is required.

Should you wish to register, please click here.



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