Who won the (1st) presidential debate? Not the US citizens for sure.

30 septembre 2020 International

3 min

“Will you shut up man?”. Probably something that we would never hear during a presidential debate in Europe. No shake-hands (COVID-19) but if they could have done it? I prefer not to think about it. Four years ago, I watched the same debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. In 2020, we are closer to a “food fight” as the BBC argues, than a debate. After one and a half hours, is there anything interesting to get from? Let’s try.

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Accord UE-Mercosur, voué à disparaître ?

23 septembre 2020 European Politics

3 min

L’accord entre l’Union européenne et les pays du Mercosur (Brésil, Argentine, Uruguay et Paraguay) a pour ambition de permettre un échange plus direct de produits et d’investissements en réduisant les […]

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Comment analyser les tensions entre la Turquie et ses voisins européens ?

18 septembre 2020 International

4 min

Depuis plusieurs semaines, les relations diplomatiques entre plusieurs pays membres de l’Union européenne (i.e. Allemagne, Chypre, France, Grèce) et la Turquie se sont durcies. Les déclarations du président Erdogan, accompagnées […]

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EPPO: new stillborn tool of the European Union?

16 juillet 2020 European institutions

Reading time: 3 min The Rule of Law (RoL), one of the European core values, has gotten much attention in the past. The European Parliament and the European Commission have […]

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Fiscal injustice in the European Union: Whose fault and what solutions?

21 mai 2020 European institutions

7 min

Taxation in the member states of the European Union (EU) is heterogeneous due to different tax systems and bilateral trade agreements. Looking closely at this issue helps us to better […]

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