Fiscal injustice in the European Union: Whose fault and what solutions?

21 mai 2020 European institutions 7 min

Taxation in the member states of the European Union (EU) is heterogeneous due to different tax systems and bilateral trade agreements. Looking closely at this issue helps us to better […]

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Communication européenne : Tout pour devenir une grande ?

Communication européenne : Tout pour devenir une grande ?

7 mai 2020 European institutions 10 min

Temps de lecture: 7 min. Le développement des nouvelles technologies a permis une transformation des outils de communication. Les tracts ? Remplacés par des communiqués sur les réseaux sociaux. Les traditionnelles […]

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Eu climate law

Does the European climate law sign the starting point of a battle for carbon neutrality?

6 mars 2020 Environment 4 min

The European Green Deal and its first shortcomings have already been largely covered by Eyes on Europe editors. One of my previous articles mentioned the need to keep a close […]

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5G as the next security challenge

5G as the next security challenge for the European Union

11 février 2020 Digitalization European institutions 5 min

This article was first published in the n°31 print magazine of Eyes on Europe.   5G is the next step to advance digitalization. While it could bring many advantages, the fact that […]

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European Green Deal

What to expect from the European Green Deal?

24 janvier 2020 Environment 6 min

Ursula Von der Leyen, as new President of the European Commission (EC) in the Berlaymont since December 1st, recently presented her “European Green Deal”. It is a strategic plan to […]

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