The 2019 European elections’ Spitzenkandidaten at a glance

10 mai 2019 European institutions

© Dimitris Vetsikas The Spitzenkandidaten procedure is intended to revitalise EU democracy and give European voters a say in picking the next Commission President. An introduction to the European parties’ lead candidates […]

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Migration in the Mediterranean: between Myth and Reality

3 février 2019 Migration Society

© Jim Black While news about rescue operations of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea keep making the headlines in the media, certain assumptions have been arising as to the legality of […]

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Schengen in permanent crisis: will the EU’s ‘coma patient’ ever awake again?

27 novembre 2018 European institutions

© Ralf Vetterle Contrary to the financial crisis, the crisis of the Schengen area, connecting 26 European states in a passport-free travel zone, has not led to further European integration and […]

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