IVG : Vers une Europe pro-vie ?

30 mai 2017 Other articles

Tandis que le parlement polonais introduit de nouvelles mesures anti Interruption Volontaire de Grossesse (IVG), le droit à l’avortement est en danger sur le vieux continent. Un constat alarmant Ce […]

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Eyes on Europe recrute ! – Eyes on Europe is recruiting!

25 mai 2017 Events

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Will Donald Trump make or break Europe?

18 mai 2017 Other articles

In the aftermath of the electoral victory of Donald Trump at the US Presidency, a lot has been said and written about the future of the US – EU relations. […]

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Understanding the Palm Oil War

11 mai 2017 Other articles

Palm Oil is a highly controversial topic in the Western World and mostly linked to deforestation, CO2 Emissions and Orang Utans, that the EU tries to address. Indonesian people and […]

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Brexit: A linguistic Bing Bang?

10 mai 2017 Other articles

With member States’ and governments’ leaders gathering this weekend to launch the Brexit negotiations’ process, one question is becoming increasingly relevant that of the European Union’s future. With Great Britain […]

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