From Jamestown to Biden: the UK-US (Not So) “Special Relationship”

13 février 2021 International

8 min

It has been said the United States and the United Kingdom share a “special relationship”. Although its origin remains disputable, the expression was first used in public by Winston Churchill during his “Sinews of Peace” speech in 1946 in Missouri. The contours of the Anglo-American relations have changed over time, marked by highs and lows of friendship, cooperation, shared values of liberal democracy and free trade – but also fierce competition. From Jamestown to the Biden Administration, we will look at what the past tells us about their relationship and what the future holds.

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Portugal – Is the top European destination ready for a renewed crisis?

21 janvier 2021 European Politics

5 min

Over ten years ago, the Lehman Brothers crashed into bankruptcy, leading to the greatest economic disaster since the Great Depression. This economic crisis agitated economies all over the world. From the United States to London, Paris, and Brussels. Every country – in a way, or another – was caught up in the bubble of an erupting financial system. Portugal was hit hard by the economic crisis, but somehow it managed to recover. Facing both a pandemic and a (new) economic crisis, will the strategy of the socialist government win over the memories of the past?

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